Glossary adopt a lemur

Glossary adopt a lemur

Glossary adopt a lemur
Glossary adopt a lemur

adaptation body part or behavior of a living thing that helps it survive in a particular habitat

classify group living things together by their similari-ties and differences

conservation protection or restoration of wildlife and the natural environment
conserve protect from harm or destruction denticle small tooth-like part that sticks out

eco-tourism form of tourism that allows people to ob-serve wildlife and help protect nature endangered living thing that is at risk of dying out

evolve change gradually over time

extinct living thing that has died out

extinction when a living thing has died out

forage look for food over a wide area

habitat natural environment of a living thing

hibernate go into a long period of sleep, usually dur-ing the colder months

mammal animal that has fur or hair, gives birth to live young, and feeds its young on milk from the mother

nutrient substance that provides a living thing with the nourishment it needs to grow and live opposable thumb thumb that can face and touch the fingers on the same hand

prosimian group of primates that includes lemurs, bush babies, lorises, and pottos

rain forest forest with tall, thickly growing trees in an area with high rainfall

reintroduce put a living thing back into its natural environment

species group of similar living things that can mate with each other

territory area of land that an animal claims as its own

tropical regions of Earth around the equator

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